Pro Bike Tool Mini Ratchet

Pro Bike Tool are a U.K based company that make a small range of 'solid and dependable' tools for cyclists; from bike pumps to multi-tools and bottle cages. This time though we're focussing on the mini-ratchet set which is billed as the alternative to the multi-tool. 

It comes as a mini-ratchet handle with a magnetic extender and ten bits ranging from hex-keys to screwdrivers that should cover the standard range of bolts you might need to tighten on your bike whilst out. 


The bonus to carrying the mini ratchet tool as opposed to a multi tool is that you can use it to reach those awkwardly placed bolts with very little faff. You simply choose your hex-key chuck, pop it into the ratchet and away you go; think of the bolt behind your brake bridge on the back of your bike as a good example. With bike manufacturers putting things in more unusual places in the name of the marginal gain, it could well prove it's worth when something comes loose. 

Unlike your normal multi-tool, the ratchet set comes in a handy little soft-shell zip pouch with enough space to keep your bank card and some spare money on a ride, negating the need to carry a separate wallet out on rides. Perfect for those rainy days when you're looking for something to keep the all important 'cafe stop cash' out of the elements. 


The mini-ratchet set feels well-built and strong enough to handle all of the fixes you're going to need to do on the road. The handle is just long enough to allow for a good grip without flexing under tension. It doesn't have the torque meter to fully replace your workshop tool but it's more than handy for most jobs when you need to get something fixed fast. 

In a nutshell; a handy and well built tool that comes with a handy carry case to double up a some safe storage on the bike. 

You can pick up the mini-ratchet here.