Winter is Coming

It's that time of year again when everyone starts to mutter those infamous words "Winter is coming" and the talk on the road turns to the best mudguards and lights. I can safely say winter has already arrived in Yorkshire and twice this week i've found myself with more water in my shoes than my bottle. Whenever it rains whilst i'm on the road the same thing always happens to me and I think the same things:

"Oh my god there is a cloud over there! Is it heading towards me? Can I ride faster than I cloud? I think I can ride faster than a cloud so i'll do that and everything will be okay."

"Hmm, It's getting dark now, maybe I can't out run that cloud after all? No, I can out run the cloud still so i'll just ride faster."

"What was that? Was that rain? No, no it can't be rain. I'm faster than the rain. Wait, that is rain, that is rain! Okay what do I do now? I'll keep riding away from the rain."


"Hang on a minute. Is it chasing me? It's definitely chasing me, and it's getting heavier. Must re-evaluate my options. I can turn home now or carry on and out ride the rain. Yes, that's the best option; I can still outride the rain."

"My feet are all soggy and cold now, why didn't I just turn home? You can't turn home, you're faster than the rain! Oh yes, yes I am. Forwards!"

"EVERYTHING IS SO WET! WHY AM I DOING THIS? I should definitely have gone home earlier when the rain started following me. It will definitely stop soon though and I'll be dry."


"It's not stopped yet, why hasn't it stopped? I want to be dry! Dry! If I pedal some more the rain will stop and I'll be dry."

"Okay, just twenty miles to get home now and I will be dry when I get there! I can still beat the rain"

"It's raining even more! Is that even possible? I hate the rain and I hate my bike. Imagine all the cleaning I'm going to have to do... Unless I leave the bike in the rain. Rain shower."


"That's my house! Finally my house! I'm still wet though and the rain is still chasing me. I am definitely faster than the rain though and I will win next time."

"I think i've flooded the house; Sarah will never know surely? Oh no wait, I think that's a fish swimming towards me"

"My shoes smell now but next time I will win!"


There are only going to be more soggy rides as it gets closer to winter so I should really stop trying to out ride the rain and maybe start carrying my rain jacket too. Can cyclists swim on their bikes?