Sporty Couples

Like most sporty individuals out there I happen to be dating someone who is equally as crazy, if not more so than me about the sports we do. It's inevitable that you'll be attracted to someone with similar interests to you and in my case the common ground is most certainly sport. This got me thinking about the things that only sporty couples will truly understand and why it's that little bit different from a normal relationship.


Firstly, your weeks are most definitely not about staying in bed until 11am because you've got a hangover from Friday night. You will almost certainly be up at the crack of dawn preparing for the days training. Quite often I will get up at 7am and head out for a nice 100 mile ride into the Dales whilst my other half Sarah will be doing a park run or something strange called a "Brick session" - She is a triathlete so we let her off most of the time.

Secondly breakfast becomes quite a large occasion in the household. In fact, every meal becomes a mountain of carbs, protein and general munching. It is impossible to not spend a small fortune on the shopping as a sporty couple and it's guaranteed to be full of the good stuff to get you through the week including a lifetime supply of pasta and coffee. It is extremely important that sport couples have coffee, especially if one of them is a cyclist, as coffee is the holy grail of the sport and must be sipped prior to any large ride.


This leads neatly onto the the third sign that as a sporty couple you're slightly different. Once you've been out on your ride, run or other adventure you will want to come through the door and instantly crash on the sofa with a tub of Ben and Jerry's, a cup of tea and every other snack you can find. I guarantee it won't look pretty as you devour everything in sight but you'll both be doing it and have that mutual understanding that without immediate snacking you will not survive.

It therefore becomes totally acceptable to spend entire afternoons slouching on the sofa after intense mornings of sport. However, this won't be spend watching TV or a movie but will instead be spent pouring over the unlimited amounts of data and segments that you passed through on Strava. It's essential that you both check who you beat that day and to find a reason why your run or ride was slower that you though. However never suggest any reasons to your other half or war may break out.


Once the afternoon of data consumption is done and the next million calories have been consumed it'll be the end of the day and you'll head to bed. Most sporty couples will appreciate that you're both likely to have a pretty hot body from all the sport you've been doing but you'll never get to appreciate that in the evening as you're just too tired from all the other activity you did during the day. I suppose there is always the rest week.

Those sorts of days are guaranteed almost all year round as a sporty couple and despite everything you'll get on just fine because all the stress was left in the sport you play and there is never any ironing to do as you live in lycra. Being in a sporty relationship is cool and quirky but you can guarantee your non-sporty friends will never quite appreciate how different it really is.