Rest Day Rambling

January is always a busy time of year for me as I travel between clients as an accountant and inevitably some of these clients are a little bit too far away for me to be able to commute by bike, and so i'm forced to take the car to work a couple of times a week. It's great for recovery and making sure i'm not riding too much but I'm really not a fan. I really struggle with the concept of a rest day. I mean, who wouldn't be riding seven days a week all year around if they could right?


Well, seeing as I can't ride seven days and week and really do need to take rest days to relinquish my winter warrior status, I've had to suck it up and take to twitter to moan instead about driving instead of riding. The problem with not riding though isn't just my moaning on twitter, it's just generally being that little bit more grumpy so watch out!

This got me thinking of the ten things you think about when you can't ride your bike...

  • You wake up on a morning excitedly planning your ride for the day in your head then suddenly get hit in the face by the diary entry that means there is no bike today. First thought - I can totally ride 50 miles in an hour and not break a sweat right? No. Are you sure? Definitely. Well today is going to suck.
  • You then walk to the wardrobe and begin to pull on your favourite lycra in a hazy daze of sleepy only to realise that your colleagues probably don't want to see you in your fancy dress at the desk. Well, I guess the boring suit will do today!
  • After eating too much breakfast and realising you didn't need all the carbs you'll jump on the train and cuddle up to the other million souls stuck in your carriage and dream of getting sweaty on the bike rather than skin to skin with that dude in the corner playing candy crush! Somebody save me please!
  • You arrive at the office with a pristine shirt and immediately precede to the shower. Stop! You're clean, it's okay, we don't need a shower today.
  • Ooh, a second breakfast? Yes please. Hang on a minute, I can't really, I haven't ridden to work today. I want to ride my bike and until I ride my bike I hate you all. The hate has set in.
  • I'm really hungry today. I swear I get more hungry when I don't ride. What is this cruel trickery that is making me want to ride and eat everything even more? Please stop, I can't ride. I could cry.
  • Oh god, not the legs too! Please stop shuffling around. You really don't need to remind me how lazy I feel today, and why am I still so hungry? Seriously, I've barely lifted a finger today.
  • Amazing, it's 17:30! Home time! Wait, you mean I still have that 10,000 page report to finish? Oh, okay fine lets get that sorted really fast then I can go home and ride! It's 20:30... Maybe not. I hate everything. Can I have pizza too? I want pizza.
  • Ooh, the trains a bit quieter now! If the train is on time maybe I could just sneak out for half an hour. It's not much but maybe I could do a sprint or something! At least the signal problems couldn't possibly stop my master plan? Yeh right...
  • Finally I'm home. Bike ride? No chance. I need to eat all the foods and comfort myself in a tub of Ben and Jerry... Maybe tomorrow I'll ride my bike....


I guess not everyone meets the man playing candy crush but I bet most of you miss your bike on rest days, so what do you think when you're not riding?