Work Life Balance

It's currently the end of January, and most typical cyclists will be tapping out the base miles and beginning to fine tune for the season ahead, but sadly I am not one of them. As I work in finance January and February are always the busiest time of year and make for long hours each day that make it difficult to get out and train. I've been working 12 hours a day recently which is pretty draining, but I've managed to just about squeeze in the 170 miles a week I've targeted during the opening two months of the year. (null)

One of the best ways to get the winter miles in around work would be to cycle commute to work each day which makes for some fairly easy miles that help top up the weekly total. However, I am unfortunately too far away from home to be able to ride to work at the moment.

So instead I force myself to ride on an evening after work around 8pm in the evening and aim to get 20 - 30 miles in twice a week with some intervals throw in. Doing this is difficult, especially in recent weather with the temperature below zero making it bitterly cold when out and quite often leading to a cold, or this week a sore throat. Not only that but it extends an already long day by two hours making me more fatigued and tired on the  bike. Every mile helps though!

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The best option I currently have is to ride on a weekend, getting in as many miles as possible whilst fighting the urge to sleep and make up from a weeks sleep deprivation. The best thing to do is therefore some long, steady miles that mean i'm building the base miles I so vitally need for the Transcontinental Race. The brilliant bit about the weekend is that we currently have the reliability rides on a Sunday which are great incentive to get out for a ride as they're part of a group. Riding as a group is at the very least motivational and keeps me going despite still being tired.

So whilst i'm still clinging on to my 170 mile a week goal, it's not having the desired affect and makes riding a pretty glum experience.

Sadly, despite so much time saving technology we all still struggle to find enough time around work to exercise so I'm still quite lucky with what I manage, but equally it's essential to set some time aside to ride each week too. It won't last forever, but for now, training is slow and the Transcontinental feels a million miles away!