A Close Shave

Leg shaving cyclists. A topic a bit like marmite amongst the blokes out there generally. Some fully rock the smooth movement and others outright refuse to even set sight on a razor. It's one of those things that can draw laughs from your non-cycling mates but is part of 'being cool' amongst a lot of road cyclists. 

Silky smooth gains.

Silky smooth gains.

Why Shave? 

Well, why not? I swear there is nothing nicer than getting into bed on fresh sheet night with silky smooth pins rubbing against the crisp bed linen. Whilst that's my excuse, there are plenty of others that probably make more sense: 

"It's aero" - Apparently shaving your legs gives you so many extra aero gains you'll actually glide down any hill with zero effort. This one is probably true but I'm not heavy enough to drop down a hill fast so can't confirm it's true but if the pro's do it then it must be true. 

"It's easier to clean up in a crash" - I reckon most medics would probably say this is true. If you are unlucky enough to hit the deck then it's a lot easier to wipe blood off silky smooth pins rather than hairy gorilla legs. Imagine all that matted, sticky mess and the unnecessary pain.

"It looks cool / pro" - Well, it does. Okay so the die hard hairy's will totally disagree but we all know what cycling is like; if the pros do it then we should too.

If I shave, how high do I go? 

Do you stop at the tan line? One inch above that tan line? Or go all the way up to the danger zone? I've always opted for the inch above the tan line option. It means you're safe to wear different length shorts without having a hairy band on show but you don't look like you have total chicken legs by going all the way. I once met a guy confidently told us during a cafe stop about how he'd started at his toes and just proceeded to go all the way up past the tan line, into the nether regions and beyond. I Don't recommend this unless your other half has accepted the habit of leg shaving and is cool with the slightly more outrageous look. 

Searching for those aero gains...

Searching for those aero gains...

How do I persuade my partner it's okay? 

Don't. Next time you're beloved other half is out of the house just get the damage done. Seriously, they'll never accept it any other way. Try not to create too much carnage though as there is nothing worse than having to receive medic attention from your partner when you slice up your pins. 

Roadie shaven.

Roadie shaven.

How do I do it? 

Wax? Shave? Hair removal cream? If you're properly hairy then I'd probably go in with the beard trimmer to take back the worst of it to begin with and then follow up with a normal razor; once you've done it once you can keep on top of it pretty well. If you're proper hard then you could go for a wax but we'll see who's laughing after that one! 

So cyclists... silky smooth or hairy?